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    Our team stands strong behind what we do. We guarantee the quality, speed and accuracy of
    our work. We will offer a full refund if promises are not met.

  • Corporate Accounting

    Manage What Matters

    Congratulations, you’re in business! Now what? We have partnered with corporate accountants who can keep your books in line and handle your business challenges down the road. Ask us more!

  • Permanent File Storage

    Always at the Ready

    We permanently store your digital and physical files. When you need a document, we’ll have it ready and waiting. Never search for important docs again.

  • Assurance of Worth

    Peace of Mind

    A Corp can be worth nothing if even a single registration document isn’t accounted for. Save yourself the stress and let us register for you. Our systematic approach covers all possible options.

  • Corporate Structure

    Guidance & Experience

    Can’t decide on a corporate structure? Whether LLC, C-Corp or Partnership, Our experienced on-staff accountants understand and will advise on the tax implications of your company’s structure.

  • Rapid LLC Registration

    2 Hour Turnaround

    LLCs are our bread and butter. We’ll have your building or company registered within 2 hours.Focus on management, while we handle bureaucratic details.

About us

At ExpressCorp, we take the hassle out of LLC and corporation formation and deliver them in record time!
  • Two-Hour Turnaround

    No shortcuts here; just the smartest, most direct route to registration. We’ll have your work done and delivered within two working hours!

  • Why ExpressCorp?

    We save you time by cutting out the bureaucracy. We save you money by eliminating legal fees. You’ll have more time and money to devote to what matters.

  • Expert Accounting

    You’re going to need help keeping track of the extra money you’ll be saving. We’re highly trained, experienced to get your corporation in tip-top shape.

Too many middle-men cost you time and money. Stick with us and you’ll save both.

Hit the ground running with our signature two-hour registration.

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    Hiring a lawyer can run youup to $200 per hour. Don’t part with your hard earned money. We have the resources to register you, and more!

  • Setup you Business Right!

    Set Up Your Business Right! With The Right Experts, To Guide You With Professional Advice, To The Right Business Entity For Long-Term Success.

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Client Referral Incentive

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We believe the best companies focus on one thing: YOU. Your satisfaction and success is the ultimate asset, so we are willing to go above and beyond to keep our wonderful clients happy and coming back for more.

That’s why we have introduced our client friends + family referral program. Build your business and your network at the same time. Ask us more to find out how much you can save!

Are you a CPA or Lawyer?

Are you a CPA or Lawyer?

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